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help > spells > timeslip
Spell        :   Timeslip
Class        :   Chronomancer
Cost         :   15
Casting time :   instant
Cooldown     :   30 rounds
Spell type   :   Escape
Difficulty   :   Level 0
Syntax       :   cast timeslip

The timeslip spell leaves the chronomancer momentarily outside 
of time, teleporting through time a short ways into the future.
While using timeslip, the chronomancer cannot be detected by 
any magic, or reached in any way; however, he will always return
to where he left, within a few seconds.  This spell is stressful,
and may not be done twice in rapid succession.

While outside of time, should the chronomancer desire, he may 
'return' early; however, he will return within seconds anyway.

A chronomancer may choose to remain in this altered universe but 
doing so begins to cost him an incremental amount of energy.  As
he twists and distorts time in this perverse way, the universe 
taxes the mage by sapping his mana periodically.  Eventually the
chronomancer finds he is unable to maintain control and is 
forcefully returned to the current time.

Anything left in the plane of existence the chronomancer slips 
to will be lost forever when he returns to normal time.
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