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help > spells > spellshield
Spell		:	Spellshield
Class		:	Mindflayer
Cost		:	25 sps (not adjustable)
Casting time	:	1 round
Spell type	:	Protection
Difficulty 	:	Level 1
Syntax		:	cast spellshield <target>
Examples	:	cast spellshield
			cast spellshield harry
			cast spellshield evoker
The spellshield creates an pulsating mental barrier around the target.  If
no target is defined the barrier surrounds the caster.  The spellshield
helps protect the target from magical attacks not physical attacks.  The 
spellshield dissipates over time based upon the level of the caster's skill.
The spellshield cannot be used in conjunction with any other shield spell
and cannot be stacked or adjusted.