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help > spells > siphon
Spell           :   Siphon
Cost         :   15 sp (per round)
Cast Time    :   1 round + channel
Example      :   cast siphon [target]

Summary: The Scourgelord tethers its lifeforce to its foes and begins to drain them of vitality. Once activated the ability is channeled each round for both an sp cost and an effect. A significant portion of the amount of damage is returned to the Scourgelord as health.

This channeled effect will be broken if: (1) The target moves; (2) The scourgelord moves; (3) The scourgelord cast another spell.

Note 1: This spell is designed to deliver low but consistent damage/healing.

Note 2: Generally speaking, once a Scourgelord is out of its infancy, an equal level of siphon will offset the drain from an equal level of deathpact. At low levels, because mobs have no resistance, it feels really OP but doesn?t every spell?

Note 3: This spell is not an efficient means of healing. If seeking to regain lost health though it can provide an reasonable infusion if deathpact is off. See ?Greater Undead/Shadow? for the efficient means of healing.