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help > spells > shadewalk
Spell        :   Shadewalk
Class        :   Shade
Cost         :   20
Casting time :   1 round
Spell type   :   Transportation
Difficulty   :   1
Syntax       :   cast shadewalk <dest>
             :   cast shadewalk setdest <dest name>
             :   cast shadewalk cleardest <dest name>
             :   cast shadewalk
             :   castq shadewalk <dest>

In each shadow, be it from dim lights or black as death itself, there
exists a link to the Plane of Darkness.  Known by many names,
this land of eternal night can be as deadly as it is mysterious.  Only
those who truly understand its essence can navigate the paths that link
its tendrils.

Through this land lies the road of the Shade.

Using the shadowy ties, a shade may traverse from one area of darkness
to another.  The passage is quick, but the method deadly to those
who do not truly know the night.

Shadewalk may also be cast quietly, so as to avoid detection.