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help > spells > possess
Spell        :   Possess
Class        :   Demon
Cost         :   5 + <level of victim>*5
Casting time :   5 rounds
Spell type   :   Control
Difficulty   :   Level 1
Syntax       :   cast possess <target>

The possess spell causes the caster to take control of an npc; while doing
this you may use the NPC's skills, spells, and songs (but only prayers if the
NPC shares your faction) as if they were your own, see out of the NPC's eyes, 
and generally act as if you in fact were that NPC.  While possessing a being
you are 'inside' of it, and cannot take independent actions.  You may use
your own commands by prepending them with a # -- i.e. #tell or whatever.
You may end possess by re-casting possess. In addition, any effect that 
teleports you personally (including commands such as town) ends possess.

While you are possessing an entity, your health is somewhat linked to the
health of what you are possessing -- some portion of any damage or draining 
the host takes also affects the caster, and likewise a portion of any healing
will affect the caster.  If the host dies with you inside, you may wind up
severely hurt.  The degree of linkage depends on relative level; if you 
possess a smurf, and the smurf dies, you will not be severely harmed.

If you possess an unusually weak npc, its abilities will be somewhat enhanced;
while a possessed smurf is still no match for any significant foe, it will be
unnaturally capable for a smurf.

If you possess an unusually strong npc, you may be subject to ongoing sp 
drain per round, or for very high level creatures, it may be forbidden.

Possessing an NPC is similar to charming or hypnotizing it - you will be able 
to use virtually all of the skills of the NPC, but there are limitations
inherent in being able to use this powerful spell.
inherent in being able to use this powerful spell.  Possess, by its nature,
drains the will of the possessed creature and may impact permanently on
its willpower.

Please note that while using possess, the following is not available:
   - Editing messages
   - Bio logging will not be accurate while in a possessed creature.
   - Use of any command or room action that explicitly checks for whether
     an npc is trying to use it (e.g. the pk gun or war lever)
   - Using the bank or debit cards