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help > spells > permanence
Spell		:     Permanence
Class		:     Enchanters
Cost		:     100
Component       :     aqua vitae
Casting Time	:     4
Syntax		:     cast permanence <item>
                      cast permanence +50 sword

An Enchanter may attempt to bind an enchantment
onto an item for all time.  This is a very difficult, and
draining process.  But, once bound, the enchantment
will not fade.  There is one exception to this, if an 
enchanted item is made permanent, and then enchanted
again, the permanency will be undone by the new, more
powerful enchantment.

The permanence all option requires an aqua vitae for
every worn and wielded item, it also requires a full
Orb of Concentration.  This option will attempt to cast
permanency on all items at once.  This is a more expensive,
but slightly faster option.