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help > spells > mindblast
Spell		:	Mindblast
Class		:	Mindflayer
Cost            :       20 (adjusted by sp modifier and level)
Adjustable	:	Yes
Casting Time	:	1 Round
Syntax		:	cast mindblast (Adjustment) (Target)
Examples	:	cast mindblast 	
			cast mindblast orc  - just one orc
			cast mindblast all orc  - all orcs in room
			cast mindblast +50 all   - everything in room
			cast mindblast +100 foes - everyone in combat w/you
Very similar to the dirge song, Mindflayers can release a torrent of
thought energy blasting at their foes minds.  This fearsome attack pounds
at the target's temples and causes the target's head to split open or explode
from the sheer force of the Mindflayer's mental attack.