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help > spells > luck
Spell        :   Luck
Class        :   Gremlin       
Cost         :   20 (adjusted by modifier)
Casting time :   1 round
Syntax       :   cast luck <modifier> <target>
Examples     :   cast luck tigger 
                 cast luck  
                 cast luck +25

With this spell, a gremlin can bring luck to the denizens of 
Tsunami... be it good luck or bad luck! A recipient of good luck 
will find himself more likely to resist spells and notice things he 
otherwise might not have. Further, he will be luckier in combat, 
evading more blows and doing more damage.  Enemies of the lucky 
person will, however, find themselves very unlucky indeed.  They 
will be distracted at crucial moments, take extra damage from hits 
in combat, and have a multitude of unlucky happenings occur.