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help > spells > golem
Spell        :   Golem
Class        :   Wu-Jen
Sphere       :   Earth
Level        :   5
Cost         :   60
Casting Time :   3 rounds
Syntax       :   cast golem

This spell will bind earth into a living, yet brainless, being which
is completely faithful to the caster.  This golem will do whatever
the caster wishes.  The golems are very good fighters, and are very
tough to damage.  The materials of which the golem is comprised will
reflect the level of the golem, as there are different possible
compositions for every level up to 20th.  Syntax for control of the
golem is simple, just type 'golem <command>' and it will do it.
Note, golems can not wield weapons or wear armour, but they are
strong and can carry a lot.  If you wish to rid yourself of your
golem type `banish' when it's in the room.  Also, typing 'golem
report' will force the golem to tell a little about itself.  Note:
sometimes you will manage to lose your golem for one reason or
another, if this happens type 'cast golem recall' and for 5 spell
points it will be brought to you.

Golem heals from taking petrify damage.

Wu-jen with golem up and no shield used automatically redirect a
portion of damage taken to the golem.

A player may only have one golem (or other summon) summoned.

See also: spell familiar, spell ifrit