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help > spells > ensconce
Spell        :   Ensconce 
Level        :   1
Cost         :   10 (adjusted by modifier)
Casting Time :   1 round
Syntax       :   cast ensconce <modifier> <target>
Examples     :   cast ensconce
                 cast ensconce +5 grugomillo
                 cast ensconce dispel

The ensconce spells conjures forth a magical inky darkness to surround
the target as well as each ajoining room.  The darkness surrounds the
target and moves with the target, leaving an aura of rooms darkened
about the target as they move about.  If the target is ommitted, the
caster will ensconce himself.  The more skilled one is, the darker
it becomes.  This spell can also be used to attempt to counter the
effects of magical light prayers and spells like orb and light.

Casting ensconce on anyone but the caster himself/herself will be
considered a hostile action.  The target can, however, 'permit' either
'dark' or 'ensconce' and this action will not be considered hostile.

At any time, ensconce may be removed from yourself using the 'dispel'
parameter but note that it can only be removed from the caster, not
another target.
See also: light