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help > spells > dislocate
Spell        :   Dislocate
Class        :   Chaosmage
Cost         :   75 (adjusted by modifier)
Spell Type   :   Teleportation
Casting Time :   3 rounds
Syntax       :   cast dislocate <modifier> <Area Name>
                 cast dislocate
Examples     :   cast dislocate +100 Heloca
                 cast dislocate -20
                 cast dislocate Mainland
The dislocate spell allows a Chaosmage to tap into the ether to 
teleport himself to someplace elsewhere.  The destination area can
be influenced by attempting to choose it but the powers of Chaos
are unpredictable.

Unlike the gate spell, dislocate cannot be used to set a precise
destination or teleport to a specific person.  However, also
unlike the gate spell, dislocate can be used inside of non-gate
areas and may transport the caster into non-gate destinations.

Some areas such as guilds, temples, and certain areas cannot be
dislocated to.  The caster can TRY, but the powers of Chaos will
choose a more appropriate destination.

The higher the spell cast level the more likely the caster will
end up in the chosen area.  As with all chaotic spells, there is
a chance the caster will cause some Chaotic energies to be

NOTE: It is VERY IMPORTANT that the "Area Name" be spelled precisely
like it appears in 'explored'.  For example, you can dislocate to
'Talamport Village' but it must be spelled precisely like that, with
capitalization.  Use the area names that appear in 'explored'.

See also: modifiers, spell gate, explored