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help > spells > bonespear
Spell        :   Bonespear 
Class        :   Babau
Cost         :   25 (to summon), 5 (to locate), 0 (to destruct),
                 25 (+1 soul to couple a soul to spear)
                 0 (to decouple)
Casting Time :   2
Difficulty   :   Level 1
Stats Base   :   Mostly Intelligence with some Constitution
Syntax       :   cast bonespear
                 cast bonespear locate
                 cast bonespear destruct
                 cast bonespear couple <soul name>
                 cast bonespear decouple

The Babaus are able to summon a vile weapon to assist them in their
command over the Tanar'ri army.  This Bone Spear is constructed out of
the bones of fallen enemies and imbued with their tormented souls
and twisted hate.  The Abyss itself opens up and delivers the Bone Spear
to the Babau whenever he so chooses.  However, the Babau may only
have one Bone Spear summoned at a time and therefore may have to 
'locate' it to retrieve the spear.

No other being can touch the Bone Spear for the hate contained within
turns away even the bravest adventurer.  Should a Babau not be able
to reach their Bone Spear they may 'destruct' it from afar and then
summon another one.

Choosing to wield the Bone Spear rather than their vile claws is a
tactical decision but Babaus are known for utilizing their Bone Spear
in a devastating attack that involves hurling it literally into their

A Bone Spear can be coupled with a soul of a slain victim of a 
Babau.  Simply coupling a soul gives the weapon a bonus damage on
some hits (higher level victim, more often bonuses and more damage).
However, many subclass souls imbue special bonuses to the Bone Spear
(such as poison, warp damage, and MANY more mysterious (hidden)
secret effects).

The 'decouple' argument may be used to remove the soul from the spear.
Whenever a soul is decoupled, such as when the spear is destroyed
or a new soul coupling replaces the previous one then the original
soul is returned to the Babau's Soul Pouch for later use.  In this
way the soul is temporarily expended by the coupling but returns in
its original form for later use.

Certain bonespear related messages can be colorized with the command
'color bonespear <color>'.

Note: This consumes the stored soul
See also: help skills impale, help souls