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help > spells > blight
Spell        :     Blight
Class        :     Dracolich
Cost         :     20 + phylactery energy
Skill Type   :     Active
Casting time :     1 round
Syntax       :     cast blight [<target>]
Examples     :     cast blight
                   cast blight baphomet

     Decay encompasses the Dracolich at all times.  Using this
spell, the Dracolich may send forth some of this putrefaction to 
engulf a hapless foe.  If successful, the aura of blight will 
periodically attempt to spoil some of the heals, foodstuffs, and 
corpses that the victim is carrying.  It will also prevent the 
target from autohealing, as well as using skills that involve 
pausing to rest (quickheal, trance, graze, etc).

     This spell has an average drain on the Dracolich's phylactery.
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