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help > spells > beguile
Spell        :   Beguile
Class        :   Demon
Cost         :   25 (non-adjustable)
Casting time :   1 round
Syntax       :   cast beguile <target> to <command>
Examples     :   case beguile hobgoblin to snark
                 cast beguile asherzot to stop

     The suggestive whispers of a Demon have long been known to 
trick an unsuspecting victim into fulfilling an infernal agenda.  
Using this spell, the Demon may whisper a terrible thought into 
the ear of a chosen target.  If the victim fails to resist the 
insidious idea, he or she will helplessly carry it out.

     Regardless of what is written above, players may only be
fooled into doing the following: flee, stop, or unwield.

Also, be aware that beguile cannot force the target to undertake
complex actions that require significant cognitive effort.