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help > songs > power link
Song         :     Power Link
Class        :     Shaman
Cost         :     20 (non-adjustable) + 1 prima materium
Skill Type   :     Active
Casting time :     1 round
Difficulty   :     Level 1
Syntax       :     sing power link [<prima materia>] <target>
             :     sing power link (to end)
Examples     :     sing power link socar (defaults to sokhun)
                   sing power link yolondu zerkk

     Prima materia connects every being on the most basic level of
existence.  By performing this ritual, a Shaman may establish a bond
between himself and another being.  Once the link has been created,
the Shaman will share his refined spiritual energy (spell points)
with the ritual's target.  Whenever the target would normally use or
lose spell points, a certain percentage of that amount will be taken
from the Shaman instead.  Furthermore, the power of the bond will
itself provide a small amount of the required energy.  The Shaman
may only power link to one target at a time.

MATERIA AFFINITIES (least to greatest):
pilkitar, dhucra, omatim
See also: help materia, help song channel