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help > songs > channel
Song         :     Channel
Class        :     Shaman
Cost         :     0
Skill Type   :     Active
Casting time :     Instant
Difficulty   :     Level 0
Syntax       :     sing channel (all | corpse [x] | 
                                 fuse [amount] <materia>)
Examples     :     sing channel corpse
                   sing channel all
                   sing channel corpse 3
                   sing channel fuse sokhun
                   sing channel fuse efantig
                   sing channel fuse 7 pilkitar

     The Native Shaman is an individual who dares to deal in
the prima materia of the spirit-world.  All living beings
contain within them some measure of this primal soul energy.  By
using this ability, the Shaman is able to withdraw that power
from a fallen being.  This raw spiritual energy is stored in the
Shaman's soul fetish, which he carries with him at all times.

     The type of prima materia channeled from a corpse depends
directly on that being's basic spiritual aura.  Each being has
a unique aura, and the nature of the prima materia of that aura
is unknowable until it is actually extracted.  Undead are known to 
lack raw spiritual energy, and thus, if they ever leave a corpse, 
cannot be channeled.  Channeled prima materia is stored in the
Shaman's materia fetish.

     Materia is placed into categories based on rarity, with the 
more common materias being less powerful and the rarer materias 
being more powerful.  The level of the corpse will determine which 
category of materia will be found.  Obviously, higher levels will 
generally have a better chance of containing rarer materia.
Please see "help materia" for further information.

     The "fuse" option allows the Shaman to combine materia of
a given rarity (materia already previously channeled into his 
fetish) into one random materia of the next rarity.  Materia is
fused in multiples of 10.  Hence, "sing channel fuse 3 azletu" 
would fuse 30 azletu materia into 3 of any of these: dhucra, 
langir, or vachopo materia (see "help materia" for more information
on prima materia rarity).  This is the only way in which a Shaman 
may acquire omatim materia (by fusing either hargalla or efantig 

     Shamans be warned!  The raw mystic power that the channel
skill withdraws is wild energy.  It is not magic; but rather a
force with a will of its own.  Therefore, sometimes, this stolen
spiritual energy will resist being used later on.  All Shaman
skills and songs use this raw spiritual power (along with normal
spell points).  Beware!

     It is required of the Shaman to experiment with different
combinations of skills/songs coupled with various raw spiritual
energies.  This is the only way he can truly mature to become a 
wise mediator between the land of the living and the infinite 
mystery that is the spirit-realm.

     A Shaman may view the current stored energies of his fetish by
using the "materia" command. 

     NOTE: This song cannot be used in wars.
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