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help > skills > telekinesis
Skill       :   Telekinesis
Class       :   Mindflayer
Skill Type  :   Utility
Cost - send :   20 sps + variable for object weight
Cost - lift :   2 sps + variable for object weight
Cast time   :   Instant
Stats Base  :   Intelligence
Ability     :   Yes
Syntax      :   do telekinesis <command>
Examples    :       do telekinesis lift <object>
            :   do telekinesis drop all
            :   do telekinesis send <object> to <player>
Telekinesis is an ability of Mindflayers to mentally lift objects
into the air.  This ability can be used to carry objects or to send objects
to far away people.  The weight of the object and the intelligence of the
Mindflayer are important factors to successful telekinesis.  The concentration
of telekinesis makes it easy to lift objects into the air, but to drop them,
you must drop all concentration on all objects at once.

Objects held up by a mindflayer upon quitting will disappear into the ether.