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help > skills > tap
Skill           :   Tap
Class           :   Ent
Cost            :   20
Usage time      :   1 round
Cooldown time   :   1 rounds
Stat Base       :   Str / Con
Difficulty      :   Level 1
Syntax          :   do tap
Examples        :   do tap

In emergencies, an Ent can seek to tap into the life
giving energies of the Natural world.  The tap will restore
a measure of the Ent's strength and vitality.  Tap is obviously
most effective when firmly rooted, but an Ent can attempt a
superficial tap.  There are some terrains too spoiled to
tap.  Each area only has so much energy to offer up, so
tap must be used in different areas until the energy rebuilds,
before it may be used again.  An area that has been purified offers
more energy than a plain one