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help > skills > talisman
Skill        :   Talisman
Class        :   Shaman      
Cost         :   25 (non-adjustable) + 3 prima materia
Skill Type   :   Active
Casting time :   3 rounds
Stats Base   :   Dexterity, Intelligence
Difficulty   :   Level 3
Syntax       :   do talisman [<prima materia>] <stat>
Examples     :   do talisman dex (defaults to sokhun)
                 do talisman pilkitar str
                 do talisman roagmo con

     Shamans often fashion crude talismans, imbued with the power of
a given prima materia nature, to bolster their spirits.  Any of the
four stats may be chosen: str, dex, int, or con.  The Shaman will
then attempt to command the supplied prima materia to infuse power
to boost that stat into a talisman.  If the attempt succeeds, he or
anyone else may wear the talisman around his or her neck to gain its

     Prima materia infused into a talisman will remain for a certain
length of time.  Eventually, however, the materia will become
unable to continue empowering the talisman.  If the talisman is
being worn when this happens, it will attempt to draw energy from
its wearer.  If successful, this will keep the materia bound to the
talisman for a bit longer.  Soon enough again, however, its power
will begin to fade, and it will need to draw from its wearer once
again.  If its wearer lacks the required energy (spell points), the
materia within the talisman will completely fade.

     Natives gain the full benefit of the talisman's power, while
non-natives cannot use talismans, due to the inherent mystic tribal
energy imbued in them.

     As with all Shaman rituals, one must remember that prima
materia has a will of its own.  Therefore, unexpected results may 
sometimes occur.  Furthermore, Shamans are often required to
experiment with different prima materia to discover which are best
suited to empower a given ritual.

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