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help > skills > swallow
Skill       :   Swallow
Skill type  :   Active
Stats Base  :   Strength, Constitution
Sp cost     :   15 or 30 (based on amount of targets)
Syntax      :   do swallow 
                do swallow <target>
                do swallow all
                do swallow regurgitate
Example     :   do swallow mota

With the swallow skill, a worm or other gigantic creature can attempt 
to devour a living being.  Of course, merely swallowing someone does 
not kill them immediately; once devoured, they can attempt to break 
their way free of you, while of course your digestive acids wear away 
at them.  Your digestion is also somewhat sensitive -- items which are 
temporarily indigestible, or which do enough damage, will cause you to 
regurgitate them; you can also deliberately regurgitate.

In addition a worm can attempt to swallow all the targets in its 
vicinity by using the 'swallow all' command. Based on the worms level, 
you will swallow as many targets as you can.