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help > skills > snowblind
Skill        :   Snowblind
Class        :   Remorhaz
Cost         :   20 sps
Skill Type   :   Active
Casting Time :   1 Round
Stats Base   :   Mostly Con, Some Str, Some Dex
Syntax       :   do snowblind [target]
Examples     :   do snowblind +100 Mysterian
                 do snowblind all beholder
                 do snowblind foes

Life in the brutal polar regions of Kyldiss has 
bestowed special powers upon the native Remorhaz.  
These powerful draconic beasts of the arctic can 
summon a fierce snowstorm directed at any enemies.  
Creatures not protected against such forces will 
suffer snowblindness, reducing their effectiveness 
in combat as well as their awareness of their