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help > skills > preach
Skill        :   Preach
Class        :   Aohitogusa
Cost         :   10 (not adjustable)
Casting time :   2 rounds
Syntax       :   do preach [player]
Example      :   do preach
                 do preach rubal
Preach is a good way for a preacher to travel the lands, spreading
the word about his god.
People already converted to the same religious belief as the 
preacher are known to tithe some of their money to their god after
having experienced the sermon. By doing this they will increase in
standing with their god just as if they had tithed at their temple.
Unbelievers might get convinced to donate gold to the preacher. The
preacher will then tithe the gold to his own god and gain higher
standing.  Be aware, preaching unbelievers might prove to be risky.
A successful sermon will install peace and the people listening will
cease their senseless hostility. 
You do not need a license to preach players, not even unbelievers.
If you do not wish to risk preaching unbelieving players you might 
want to 'setenv nopk 1'.