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help > skills > overpower
Skill        :   Overpower
Class        :   Babau
Cost         :   10 / free to stop / 20 to gaze
Casting Time :   1
Difficulty   :   Level 1
Stats Base   :   Mostly Strength with some Dexterity and Constitution
Syntax       :   do overpower
                 do overpower <target>
                 do overpower stop
                 do overpower gaze
Examples     :   do overpower bok

A Babau's incredible strength and intimidating nature makes it
possible for it to overpower an enemy, subduing it for a short
time.  The Babau exerts its will and weakens the body and soul of
the target, causing them to crumple under the Babau's power and
remain held to the ground.  During this time, neither the Babau
nor the victim can move or perform most actions (such as using
skills, buying items, quaffing potions, eating food, even playing
harps).  Additionally, during this time all combat ceases - it
is as if both beings are in a temporary hold spell.

Any combat from outside sources will break the hold over both
creatures and while the victim cannot move, the Babau can easily
'stop' the hold at will or simply move from the room which also
breaks the hold.  If the Babau's skin is coated in its corrosive
slime, then a slight amount of damage will be taken by the victim
periodically due to the contact of their skin.

The Babau posses the ability to 'gaze' into a victims eyes, and
more directly into their soul.  This gazing can only be done to
an overpowered victim and results in a draining of the victim's
strength into the Babau.  This strength remains in the Babau
after the overpowering hold has been broken and will slowly seep
out of the Babau back into the victim.

A Babau will find it difficult to overpower beings of greater
size than themselves as well as those with high strength.