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help > skills > masochism
Skill        :   Masochism
Class        :   Cenobite
Casting Time :   Passive
Stats        :   Con

Oh, do the Cenobites love pain.  Malevolent pleasures are their meat
and drink, and as such they are gifted with the unique tolerances of 

While the terrible pleasures that the Cenobites visit upon themselves
on their own planes of existence are beyond any reasonable mortal
scope, the harm that they endure on this physical plane is little
more than passing amusement. The harm is still stimulating to them,
however, and as a result any damage that they suffer will energize
their spirits in the form of spell points.

Massive trauma to their physical bodies which would ordinarily
cripple and disable the typical biological entity, will instead send
the Cenobite into an ecstatic frenzy of rampaging appetite.  As the
young Cenobite becomes more acclimated to its' masochistic nature,
less overall physical devastation will need to occur to invoke this

It is not unheard of for a Cenobite to assault a being far more
powerful than itself, in effort to indulge its' own perverse
masochistic interests...

Certain damage types, while few, are contrary to the Cenobites basic
biology and will inflict uninspiring levels of damage upon its body,
thus bypassing benefits of this skill.