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help > skills > make
Skill        :   Make
Class        :   Ninja
Cost         :   10 + 5 sp per item
Skill Type   :   Active
Casting Time :   1 round (1 item instant)
Difficulty   :   Level 1
Stats Base   :   Dexterity and Intelligence
Syntax       :   do make <number> <item>
Examples     :   do make caltrop
                 do make shuriken
                 do make 5 shuriken
                 do make
The number of items you can make at a time is capped based upon a
fraction of your effective skill (5 items at level 20).
The following items can be constructed:

  Caltrop -  Small spiked devices usefull in trapping opponents
             in a room.  Once scattered across the floor, most
             opponents will be unable to move until they can
             discover a safe path.
  Tracker -  A device that is used in tracking tagets of interest.
  Shuriken - Bladed throwing stars.  In the hands of a proficient
             ninja, these can be most deadly. You will create better
             shurikens if your skill level in make is higher.
  Rope     - A length of rope that can be used at a few places around
             the world of Tsunami.
  Crate    - A small ninja crate where you can stash your shuriken
             and other small items. To put your marked items in the
             crate, use: "put all shurikens! in crate". Higher skill
             will create crates that can hold more items.
  Net      - A sturdy hunting net, which slows down those whom
             caltrops do not affect.
  Ninjato  - The main weapon of the Ninja, this allows you to craft
             your own sword.
             The Ninjato allows you to fight in different stances,
             there are three stances available:
             * Jodan - A stance that focues on slashing attacks.
             * Gedan - A stance that focues on piercing attacks.
             * Waki  - A deceptive stance where you attempt to hit your
                       opponent with the hilt of the sword.
             Syntax: stance <stance>
             Example: stance gedan             
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