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help > skills > kurafuto
Skill           :   Kurafuto
Class           :   Shikaku
Skill Type      :   Active
Cost            :   25 sp (10 during war)
Casting Time    :   5 rounds
Syntax          :   do kurafuto [katar|hand|claw]
Example         :   do kurafuto katar
                    do kurafuto claw
Stats		:   All

Through intense concentration the shikaku can shape a
simple piece of metal in the form of a deadly weapon that
only she can command.
The weapons forged in this manner help the shikaku in 
different ways depending on the type created. They also
grant the shikaku a small chance to strike a blow at her
foes that even delivering normal damage it channels enough
energy to charge one level of her energy bar.
The types of weapons that can be crafted using this skill

Katar - small blades attached to a hilt that give the impression
        that they are extension to one's arm, and for the shikaku,
        this is very true. When wielded they boost the shikaku's 
        ability with this kind of weapon. (sword)

Hand  - these are small, circular bladed weapons that with a hilt
        in the center from where it's wielded encompassing the 
        hand of the wielder. Due to this involvement, these blades
        give a small advantage to those trying to get a synergy with
        their blades. (unarmed)

Claw  - thin strips of sharp metals attached to a glove, these
        weapons are an attempt to immitate original claws
        and talons of animals. They offer a higher chance to 
        block attacks directed at the shikaku. (dagger)
More experienced shikaku find these weapons a very reliable 
source of damage during a fight and most tend to use these
over any mundane weapons found throughout the world.