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help > skills > ingest
Skill        :    Ingest
Skill type   :    Active
Casting Time :    1 Round
Cooldown     :    3 Rounds
Difficultly  :    Level 1 (modified by power of item being ingested)
Stats base   :    Strength and Constitution
Cost         :    10 sp
Syntax       :    do ingest [all] [what]

With ingest, an ooze can wrap itself around an item in its inventory
and begin to secrete digestive acids that will essentially allow it
to 'eat' the item, healing itself in the process of doing so.
Syntax: do ingest [optional item].  With no argument, seeks the first
ingestible item in your inventory; with an argument, seeks the first 
ingestible item matching the item description given.  An item can be
ingested if it has value, can be dropped, is not worn or wielded, and
is not marked.  The amount of healing from ingesting an item is limited
by skill, or to about 1/10 the value of the item being ingested, whichever
is less; if you choose to ingest 'all' items, it will continue ingesting
multiple items until the maximum healing is achieved.

During wartime, ingest heals only hit points.  On the mud, it will heal
both hit points and spell points.