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help > skills > incorporeality
Spell        :  Incorporeality
Class        :  Deathknight
Cost         :  10 sp
Casting Time :  0
Difficulty   :  0
Syntax       :  do incorporeality

     Incorporeality is a measure of the Deathknight's physical presence
in this world.  As it grows more incorporeal, the less armour it can wear,
but it also takes less damage from physical attacks.  Higher incorporeality
also results in an lower magical resistance, and makes the Deathknight
more susceptible to magical attacks, and allows them to pass physical barriers.

     While being incorporeal some spells of the Deathknight will work better
as he is in closer connection with the realm of death.  The downside of this
is that while not being physical he will not deal as much damage with
physical attacks.

     Being incorporeal will also weaken the Deathknight's physical strength
and increasing the mental strength by the same amount.

* Lifeleech and Darkfire will work better when the Deathknight is incorporeal,
these two spells are directly dependant on how strong the Deathknight's ties
to the realm of death is - meaning that a higher skill level in incorporeality
will result in better effect of these two spell.

* Soulrip will work better in the Deathknight's physical form.

* Shadowwalk will only work when the Deathknight is incorporeal.