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help > skills > grapple

Skill        :   Grapple
Class        :   Vampire
Cost         :   10 (not adjustable)
Casting time :   Instant
Cooldown     :   5 seconds
Duration     :   ~3-8 seconds depending on power
Syntax       :   do grapple <target>
Examples     :   do grapple chaitan

Grapple allows the user to clutch and hold on to a target making
it difficult to move.  It also allows the use of bleed while in

Grapple can not be used against an opponent who is in some way
immune to effects like Strangle, Constrict, Hold or Grapple.

If the target has attempted no action in a round, he/she/it can
attempt to break out of the grapple through a strength contest by
simply trying to move out of the room.  Failure to do so means no
further actions can be performed until the next round.

See also: skills