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help > skills > gormandize
Skill        :   Gormandize
Class        :   Babau
Cost         :   0 (free)
Casting Time :   Instant
Difficulty   :   Level 1
Stats Base   :   Strength and Constitution
Syntax       :   do gormandize

Lacking any form of healing the Babau relies on his might to crush
his enemies and devour their corpses.  While he could simply eat
or (gods forbid) bury corpses some Babaus will choose to gormandize
it.  This act causes the Babau to tear through the corpse, gaining
healing from it over time and steadily destroying the corpse.
The higher the skill level, the faster the Babau heals and the
greater the healing amounts are.

This act is all consuming for the Babau.  He can perform no other
action and his 'awareness' of his surroundings are extremely
impaired as the beast completely gives himself to the gruesome
act.  The awareness penalty is greater the more skilled the Babau
is at this feasting.  Additionally, the act requires darkness and any 
light introduced will cause the beast to stop gormandizing.

Higher level corpses will provide higher replenishment benefits.

The Babau is able to transport a corpse around and finish devouring
it as safety and seclusion permits.

Forgoing gormandizing a corpse, a Babau can simply 'eat' it as any
other beast would but receives minimal gains from it.  A Babau that
is in touch with the Lords may choose to 'bury' a corpse instead and
will receive a blessing based on the level of the corpse.  The Blood
Lords however only value corpses that represent challenging kills
to their warriors and will turn a deaf ear on lowly corpses.  They
will also only grant this bonus if a short while has passed between