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help > skills > forage
Skill       :   Forage   
Skill Type  :   Active
Cost        :   20 sp
Stats Base  :   Intelligence
Classes     :   Hunter
Syntax      :   do forage [ list | type ]
Examples    :   do forage  
            :   do forage poison
            :   do forage list

Foraging in the outdoors yields edible plant-life, bugs,
etc.  The forager is able to search for different types of
food so that when the food is ingested it can heal or harm
the body.

When repeated forage attempts are made for a particular
food in the same outdoors scene, it becomes harder and
takes longer to find more edible food of that type.

The following types of food by be foraged:

    food         -- provide nourishment
    poison       -- harmful; causes vomiting
    cure disease -- rid the body of disease
    cure poison  -- rid the body of poisons