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help > skills > fletch
Skill       :   Fletch
Skill Type  :   Active
Cost        :   25 sp
Casting time:   3 rounds minimum, longer the more arrows made
Stats Base  :   Intelligence and Dexterity
Classes     :   Hunter, Medusa
Syntax      :   do fletch <number> [ list | <arrow type> ]
Examples    :   do fletch
            :   do fletch barbed
            :   do fletch list
            :   do fletch 2 barbed
            :   do fletch 5 poison

With this skill one can fletch specialized arrows to shoot at
prey instead of the normal arrows supplied with normal bows.

Fletchers produce bundles of 10 arrows and can fletch between 1
and 5 bundles at a time.  Base time to fletch is 1 round for
the first bundle, while taking an additional round per extra
bundle fletched.  Each bundle costs the normal sp cost to
fletch.  The maximum number of bundles produced at one time is
dependant upon the fletchers skill level and current spell

The arrows must be used with a bow.  To fire the arrows, use
the following syntax:

    fire [type] [at <name>]

For example, if the bowman has two types of arrows in his
inventory (accurate and barbed), he can either fire an arrow
from the first quiver, or specify which arrow type to fire.

    fire accurate
    fire barbed at box

The following arrows can be made:

    accurate -- higher accuracy, less damage
    fire     -- lower accuracy, fire damage
    poison   -- slightly more accurate, poison damage
    barbed   -- lower accuracy, more damage
    heavy    -- low accuracy, punches through armour

Medusa may create only poison and barbed arrows.