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help > skills > falcon
Spell        :   Falcon
Class        :   Bard
Cost         :   20 (not adjustable)
Casting time :   1 round
Spell type   :   Conjuring servant
Difficulty   :   Level 1
Syntax       :   do falcon
Examples     :   do falcon

By using this skill, a bard may summon a falcon to stay by
his or her side.  The falcon's power will vary based on the
song's skill level.  Like familiars, a falcon will defend its
owner and can also help him or her carry things.  

Falcons are significantly weaker than other types of familiars.

Falcons can act in almost any way a player can.

Controlling a Falcon:
   To control a falcon, simply type 'f' followed by the command.
   ie: fgrin, fkill guard, fnorth, etc.
Special Commands:
   fstat              - display the vital statistics of the falcon.
   fname <name>       - name the falcon.
   fcome              - bring the falcon to you and have it follow
                           you around.
   fstay              - have the falcon stop following you.
   frelay             - toggle whether or not the falcon tells you
                           what it sees.
   fguard             - toggle whether or not the falcon will fight
                           beside you.
   fscram             - dismiss the falcon.
See also: help prayer angel, help spell familiar