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help > skills > crush
Skill           :   Crush
Class           :   Skeleton
Cost            :   40
Casting time    :   1 round to tie
Difficulty      :   Level 1
Stats           :   Mostly Str
Syntax          :   do crush target
Example         :   do crush Henry
                    some seconds later
                    crush skull
Employing similar powers to what they use in binding departed souls to
their skulls, a skeleton can tie a still living target's soul to a
skull also.  Once tied the soul is at the skeleton's whim.  The
skeleton with the skull can crush the skull at anytime.  The resulting
psychic shockwave this sends back to the victim tied to the skull will 
wreak havoc.  The concentration required to hold a soul thus ensnared takes 
all of the skeleton's focus, making combat impossible.  The soul can
only be held for a short duration before making it's bid for freedom.