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help > skills > chains
Skill        :   Chains
Class        :   Cenobite
Cost         :   20, 30 per round
Casting Time :   1 round
Stats        :   Some Int, Some Con
Syntax       :   do chains 
Examples     :   do chains
                 do chains cease

If there is one thing that the Cenobites are loathed for, and one
thing that has stood out in the memories of their countless victims
over the centuries, it is their Chains.  These horrible, hooked,
barbed, and bladed instruments of their exquisitely cruel aspect
strike fear and horror into all who view them.

By means unknown to all but the Cenobites themselves, these fell
chains manifest from what appears to be nothingness, suddenly
becoming an ambient feature of the environment around the Cenobite.
They hang from ceilings, trees, or even the plain sky, and seem to
react to the whims of the Cenobite.

The Chains will utterly butcher an area.  While the chains are
present in an area, they will assault the room in a whipping,
storm-like frenzy.  They will rip and shred any material creature
within an area, and will continue to do so until the Cenobite
commands them to stop.  The horrific scene created when the Chains
are assailing is both dangerous and terrifying to all but the most
stalwart of souls.

Some of the Cenobite's skills require the presence of the Chains in
order to function.

By commanding the chains to "cease", it will end any and all
commands that the Chains are obeying.