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help > skills > bowmaking
Skill        :   Bowmaking
Class        :   Hunter
Cost         :   50 sp
Skill Type   :   Active
Casting Time :   4 Rounds
Difficulty   :   Level 3
Stats Base   :   Intelligence and Dexterity
Syntax       :   do bowmaking [ list | <bow type> ]
Examples     :   do bowmaking  
             :   do bowmaking cherry
             :   do bowmaking cherry for version
             :   do bowmaking list
By taking a good piece of wood from a tree, a mighty
bow can be crafted.  Since woods have different properties,
the performance of the bow will also vary.  Using the
right bow at the right time can offer the bowman a
significant advantage.
The following bows can be made:
    ironoak -- more balanced, easier to use
    cherry  -- more powerful
    ash     -- supple, quicker rate of fire
    yew     -- higher accuracy (including fletched arrows)
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