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help > prayers > unleash hell
Prayer       :   Unleash Hell
Class        :   Babau
Cost         :   All SP (FULL) + 1 Soul
Casting Time :   10
Stats Base   :   Religion
Cooldown     :   12 hours
Syntax       :   pray unleash hell
                 pray unleash hell status
                 pray unleash hell view
                 pray unleash hell view 15

Calling upon the Blood Lords, a highly ranked Babau can pray for the
swarms of the Abyss to be unleashed upon Tsunami.  This causes an
invasion of demons, oozes, cultists, and assorted other vile beings
to descend on the material plane.

This prayer is extremely taxing on the Babau, costing them all their
spell points as well as a Soul.  The Blood Lords are cruel, and
require utter commitment from their warriors.  As such, the Babau
must have full spell points to perform this prayer.

The Babau calls back to the material plane not only the nameless
tortured souls of the Abyss, but also specific beings that the
Babau has personally slain in battle.  Tortured and trapped, they
return to Tsunami to invade as the will of the Blood Lords command.

This creates an Invasion.  It cannot be done during another invasion.

The Babau is able to look at the 'status' of this invasion for some
statistics based on how well his invaders are doing.  Additionally, 
he can 'view' the invaders for free.  Due to the connectivity with the
Blood Lords, invaders will periodically update the Babau on their

Babaus gain standing with the Blood Lords based on how well their
invaders do in terms of burning Tsunami and killing players.  Invaders
that kill players transfer their souls to the Babau as well.

Babaus may want to 'color invasion <color>' as it will provide them
with colorized status updates as the invasion progresses.

See also: 'help invasion'
See also: 'help souls' for information on Souls