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help > prayers > unforsaken
Skill        :   Unforsaken 
Class        :   Babau
Cost         :   400
Cooldown     :   30 minutes
Casting Time :   10
Difficulty   :   Level 1
Stats Base   :   Religion
Syntax       :   pray unforsaken

Once an hour a Babau can pray to the Blood Lords to return them to
their forsaken form, that is, the being they were before becoming
a Babau.  If successful the Babau becomes the being he once was
(Hydra, Wu-Jen, Aramitama, etc.), leaving all of his Babau nature

The prayer is extremely draining on the Babau's magical energies
and its soul.  When in their forsaken form, the Babau has all
abilities of their previous life and none of their new one.
Maintaining this form is extremely difficult and slowly drains the
creature of their magical energies, increasing periodically, until
the being is unable to maintain the transformation.

A Babau gains this ability only at hero level but use of the ability
returns them to whatever level they were previous to becoming a
Babau.  That means a 19+8 Ooze who gave himself for his gods to
become a Babau would gain this spell as a 19+1 Babau and, upon
successfully praying it, would cause him to revert to his 19+8
form.  Similarly, a 19+1 Ooze who became a Babau would find that
even as a 19+8 Babau, the forsaken form would only revert him to
a 19+1 Ooze.  Consider the forsaken form as 'locked' once a player 
chooses to become a Babau.  This is a way of encouraging players to 
consider raising high level characters and truly devoting themselves 
to the Blood Lords before becoming a Babau.

  1: experience
     o ALL experience gained in either Babau form or forsaken form 
       receives the Babau 50% experience filter.
     o A hero filter will be applied at whichever character level is 
       highest!  If the Babau is +10 and the forsaken Gremlin form 
       is +6, while in Gremlin form the player would receive the +10
       hero filter AND the 50% Babau experience filter.  The same is
       true if the Babau was +6 and the Gremlin form was +10.
     o You cannot spend experience in forsaken form - the character
       is LOCKED once you become a Babau!
  2: You can not save in forsaken form.  Sometimes you might see some
     interesting error messages as the game tries to make you save.
  3: Sometimes you may be forced back into Babau form (like upon
  4: Cannot enter arena or twars in forsaken form and cannot use during

At any time, a player can 'revert' to their Babau form.