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help > prayers > sphinx
Spell        :   Sphinx
Class        :   Manticore
Cost         :   15
Casting Time :   3 rounds
Syntax       :   pray sphinx
                 pray sphinx dispel 

This prayer allows the Manticore to take upon the ultimate form
of the Great Sphinx.  The Manticore's gods will bless their
follower with this ability when they find him ready.

The Sphinx form transforms the Manticore into a stone being
resistant to petrification and difficult to damage.  Enemies
can beat upon the Sphinx, weakening it over time and eventually
breaking it down completely.  The Sphinx will regenerate its stone
exterior when not fighting however, or when replenished by a source
of petrification.

The Sphinx will lose its Manticore spikes upon transformation, and
be unable to use all Manticore skills except riddle.  However the
Sphinx does have the ability to smash its paws into the ground using
the skill 'shockwave'.
See: help manticore