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help > prayers > sacrifice
Prayer: Sacrifice
Class: Diabolist
Cost: 0
Casting Time: 4
Syntax: pray sacrifice <target> to <god>
Examples: pray sacrifice lenier to gothmog
pray sacrifice indel to mortarian

Many souls must be sacrificed to the dark overlords of a Diabolist, less these fickle entities decide to remove their gifts. All Diabolists are instructed with the proper sacrificial rites to send souls to their evil masters. The malevolent powers tend to be pleased with these offerings, and grant their servitor certain blessings. The type of blessing is different depending on the area of control of the dark power.

The different powers are

Gothmog: Lord of War and Carnage. Gothmog will enhance your combat abilities if you offer to him.
Mortarian: The Eternal Evil. Mortarian will ensure his servants can withstand more pain than mortals can bear.
Lorgar: The Fallen Angel. Lorgar teaches new forms of worship to his minions so they can spread the dark faiths.
Caliban: Master of Secrets. Caliban provides his servants with his fabled powers of detection.
Sanquinis: The Lord of Blood. Sanquinis will heal your wounds so that you can carry your on your dark mission.
Voivodul: The Great Deciever. Voivodul is a grand sorcerer. He grants his minions the ability to repel mortal magics.

The living can be quite resolved to not having their soul devoured by demons, however. Therefore, a diabolist must first restrain a potential victim with mystical chains of binding.