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help > prayers > recall bak
Prayer       :   Recall
Class        :   Cleric
Cost         :   20, adjustable ( +10 to final cost in gateproof areas )
Praying time :   1 round
Prayer type  :   Teleportation
Difficulty   :   Level 1
Syntax       :   pray recall
                 pray recall set
Examples     :   pray recall -10

This prayer recalls you to your predesignated holy ground from anywhere
on the mud.
Usually this place is designated as the mainland church, but the
cleric can change this using the set parameter. Once set, any
use of the Recall prayer will recall you to the new location.
Only areas officially designated as holy ground can be used. It
is up to the cleric to find these places. (Usually churches and
temples and the like)
Using this prayer to seek sactuary from a no-gate room is
much more difficult than using it normally.
If your recall location is set to an invalid location, it will be 
reset to the mainland church.

This prayer can be prayed silently.

Note:  Every room in a field war is considered 'holy ground' for
       the purposes of recall, but you *must* pick a room and 
       "pray recall set" in that room, to designate it as
       your recall destination.  In MUDwars, you will default
       to the main church, where the guild lies.  You may set
       your recall dest during MUDwars to any other church,
       just as you do during a normal playing session.
See also: spell gate