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help > prayers > hi-matsuri
Prayer: Hi-Matsuri
Class: Aohitogusa
Cost: 10 (adjusted by modifier)
Praying time: 1 round
Difficulty: Level 1
Syntax: pray hi-matsuri <modifier> <target>
Examples: pray hi-matsuri +5
pray hi-matsuri deathshead
pray hi-matsuri -4 gloves
pray hi-matsuri glock's helmet

This prayer conjures forth a magical flame to surround the target. If <target> is omitted, you will conjure the hi-matsuri around yourself. The more skilled you are, the brighter the hi-matsuri will be, and the longer such hi-matsuri will last.

Note: praying hi-matsuri on anyone but yourself will be considered an aggressive action unless they are permitting you via permit <who> light. This includes casting hi-matsuri on other people's items!

This prayer can be prayed quietly.