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help > prayers > healing sands
Skill           :   Healing Sands
Class           :   Manticore
Cost            :   10
Usage time      :   4 round
Cooldown time   :   4 rounds
Stat Base       :   All Religion
Syntax          :   pray healing sands
Examples        :   pray healing sands

Once blessed by his gods, the Manticore gains the ability to summon
sands to encircle himself and provide healing warmth.  The sands
require a desert terrain and are bolstered by increasing the
amount of sand in an area.  While surrounded by the healing sands,
the Manticore can perform any action except quickhealing but if
he leaves the room then the sands dissipate.

Upon initially commanding the sands an immediate healing is
provided to the Manticore.  The sands then encircle the beast
healing him steadily but increasing in their healing value over
time.  Commanding the sands in this way is draining on the
Manticore and as such he must expend a constant amount of spell
points.  While the healing value goes up over time, the spell
point cost does not.
See: help manticore