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                       It's time to go get more experience!
You've spent your available experience on stats and skills.
You've gotten some equipment.
Now you're set.  All you need to do is find a place to go and kill a few
monsters to gain experience. Getting a partner might be a helpful idea, if
you can find someone on the newbie channel or on your class channel who has
been around a bit and can lead you places [see "help party"].  Remember, if
at any point, you get hopelessly lost, you can always type "town" to go
back to the Mainland Town.

Some good places for starting players are:
 o The Big Tree and Fungus Caverns: 5w, 4n, hole (or 5w, 4n, climb, w,
   swing, s, d)
   This "tree of life" turns into a bloodbath when newbies mow down
        the fungus cows and their peaceful tenders.  Be warned, many have
        fallen to the lord of the realm, and, as afraid of the
        dark. Termites also go *SQUISH* in this tree.
 o Book of Worlds - Chapter 1: in, e, read 1
        Happy, carefree elves meet their doom at your leisure.
 o Newbie Chessboard: d, w
        Queen to rook's 4. Check and *AAAYYIEEEEEEEE*.  Enough said.
 o Smurfs: 12w, sw, 2s, se, n, e, s, follow song
        Umm...just kill them, please.
 o Toyland: d, n, open chest, enter chest
        Very easy, and the tutus are kinda cute!
 o Underwater Caves: 3e, n, e, dive
        Some easy to kill waterbabies, just asking to be whacked.  Pay no
        attention to their pleas for mercy.
 o Wimpyland: 2e, 5s, 2e, 3s, e(all the way to Wimpyland)
        Assorted monsters for your killing pleasure.
 o Marble Pit: d, e, enter
        Watch out for these colorful guys, they might roll over you!

(all directions are referenced from the Center of the Mainland town (CoT))

There are other newbie areas as well, talk to the bard mentioned above, and
check on the main board for new areas. See [help newbieareas] for a list of most
of the areas for newbies. If you are desperate ask another player.