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                      Wars and war voting
  Every so often someone will pull the war lever in the war room, and there
  will be a vote to see if players want to have a war.  Everyone who was on
  when the lever was pulled may vote. If the final tally is NO,
  there is no war, and war can not be voted on for 1/2 hour. If the
  vote is YES, then there will be a war. You have 5 minutes to sell or locker
  all your stuff before the MUD reboots for war. (type 'shop' after a
  successful YES vote, will instantly transport you from wherever you are
  to the nearest shop). The MUD will then reboot and kick everyone off.
  You can then log back in, and join in on the war. The purpose of a war
  is to kill other players, and survive.  You are not penalized for deaths,
  but if you kill other players, or manage to survive till the end, you get
  a healthy dose of extra experience. [See "help war"]

 At any time you can type "wartime" to see how long until a war will start
 or until a war can be voted on.