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                       Starting the great adventure
Once you have spent all your exp, you are ready to adventure.  If you are
still standing in the room in which your character was first deposited
(with the big dragon when you "look"), you can go to a number of places.
One option (strongly suggested) is to choose the direction "info", and
"look" at the maps that are located there.  Pay particular attention to the
map of the Mainland Town (and print it if you can) as this is a place where
you will spend a lot of time [note: these maps can also be viewed again in
the newbie room, "d" from the main shop]. After scoping out the nifty ascII
pictures, go back to the start room, then go to the "mainland".  This will
transport you to the Village Green of the Mainland Town (CoT) . . . and
into the world of Tsunami!

A quick tour of the Mainland Town (starting at the Village Green): Just to
the "north" of where you are standing, you will find the Center of the
Mainland Town (refered to as CoT).  Most directions given on Tsunami will
start in this room.  This room also contains a signpost which you can
"read" to find out directions to your guild. A little ways to the "west" of
the Village Green is the Mainland Shop.  This is a place to buy and sell
equipment.  The Newbie Equipment Room is "down" from the shop, and the
Locker Room is "south" of the shop (a place to store equipment when you log
off so you don't lose it). To the "east" of the Village Green, in the
Southeast Corner of Town, is the Main Board where important announcements
will be posted.  To the "south" of the Main Board is the Explorer's Guild
with another information board and lists about players and quests.  There
are also exits to the Humor Board ("east") and the Suggestion Board
("west"). The Bank is "southeast" from the Southeast Corner of Town (handy
for when theives are on).  The North side of town has been taken over by
commercial ventures.  There is also a well traveled bard who spends his
days (and nights) sitting in Yamata's Bar ("n,e,e" from CoT) who is said to
have many tales to tell about different lands...  if the price is right,
i.e. wet.  As for the rest of the land, go explore...