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                       Becoming a better character
Every character starts at level 1 with 2000 experience points to spend, as
desired, to raise stats (str/dex/int/con), and abilities (skills, spells,
prayers, and songs which depend on your class and subclass).  However, in
order to spend your free exp, you must first choose a class.  You can then
type "exp" to enter the "exp editor", where you raise these stats, skills,
spells, songs, and/or prayers.  "Raising" an attribute simply means that
you are becoming better at that particular attribute.  Think of it as
"training". [See "help stats",  "help skills", or "help spells/songs/
prayers" for more information.  Within the exp editor, "help" brings up
the help menu as stated] All experience that you gain (including this 2000
points) is to be spent on these stats, skills, and spells/songs/prayers,
so get comfortable using the exp editor.

This is one of the most important things to learn how to do and how to do
well. If you fail to spend exp you will run around with poor skills/stats
and play poorly. If you can't find anyone to help you figure out what to
raise for your class, raise CON, STR, and COMBAT as your basic three to
start.  Some skills are of less use during the lower levels, and it might
be wise to ignore those for now in favor of others (Note however, that no
skills are compeletely useless, or we would not have coded them.  The use
might just be abit less obvious).