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help > newbie > alias
Command: [un]alias

Syntax: [un]alias [account] [ <alias> <command> | -clear ]

CHARACTER aliases:
   alias               View current aliases (CHARACTER and ACCOUNT).
   alias <alias> <command>      Set the verb alias to execute command.
   alias <alias>        Check the value of <alias> (CHAR and ACCOUNT)
   alias -clear         Clear all current aliases
   unalias <alias>      Removes <alias> from your alias list

ACCOUNT aliases:
   alias account <alias> <command>      Add alias for all chars on account.
   alias account -clear                 Clear all current ACCOUNT aliases
   unalias account <alias>              Removes <alias> from your ACT alias list

Substitution variables that exist are:
    $# - Where # is the number of the word after the verb to substitute.
    $* - Will be substituted with everything after the verb.
Another example: 'alias k kill $*' will expand 'k dealer' to 'kill dealer'
However it is not required as 'alias k kill' will also expand 'k dealer' to
'kill dealer'

A better example of the use of the $* follows.
   'alias sizeup consider $* sizeup'
This will take any argument after typing sizeup and feed it into the alias :
   'sizeup dog' -> 'consider dog sizeup'
   'sizeup smurf 3' -> 'consider smurf 3 sizeup'