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help > forms > fox
Form           :   Fox
Level          :   1 (3 sp minimum to retain form)
Upkeep         :   1 sp
Cost           :   (12)
Armours        :   Amulet, Other, Eyewear
Weapons        :   None
Skills         :   Dodge   
Syntax         :   shift fox

An incarnation of the cleverness of Nature, the fox
is an agile form of the Changeling.  Hard to hit in 
combat, the fox possesses a wickedly keen sense of
combat, though the shape is somewhat physically

Note: The Cost is roughly the loss of piety you experience
by shifting forms.  Roughly 1000 points equals one level of piety
you see in your score.  Thus, you may think of cost as the
number of corpse levels you must sacrifice to maintain your