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help > forms > custom
Form           :   Custom
Level          :   19+6
Upkeep         :   Variable (35sp minimum to retain form)
Cost           :   (4000)
Piety          :   80
Shift Time     :   2 Turns
Armours        :   Variable
Weapons        :   Variable
Skills         :   Variable   
Syntax         :   shift custom

The custom form is The Mothers gift to her most dedicated proven, and 
zealous warriors in the eternal war she wages with the "higher" species.  
These blessed children are given the opportunity to create their own 
special worship form. This custom form is unique to each Changeling, and 
can have vast, awe inspiring powers.  Few are granted this honor and even 
fewer are able to realize its full potential

Custom Weaponry is referred to as "weaponry" despite the name you
give to it, so to wield/unwield it, do "wield weaponry".